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 Learn more about our team and how we can help you buy, sell or invest in your next property.


We are the Nexus Group with RE/MAX Escarpment in Hamilton, your trusted neighbourhood realtors. Our team has been helping clients buy, sell and invest in properties in the Hamilton, Niagara and surrounding areas.

Throughout the years we have worked with our happy clients to help them purchase their dream homes. We have sold stunning properties with over asking offers within a short period of time and have helped investors make a significant return on their investment properties.

Whether you are buying or selling your home, we understand that this will be the largest transaction you will make in your life! We are here to make it a positive experience, one you'll never forget!  

With the Nexus Group we guarantee that you will “Buy with Confidence, Sell with Success”. 


Our Expertise & Knowledge of the Market!

We have access to the most recent real estate market data, allowing our team to give you realistic advice when it comes to pricing your home. Our realtors will ensure that you have made the best decision while getting the most out of your money.

Our Negotiation Skills!

 We are here to negotiate for you! Whether you are buying or selling your property, the negotiating process can become a daunting task. Our team can help you ease into the process while getting you the best deal in the market!

Our Timing is KEY!

Our team will always keep your schedule in mind.  Sometimes it might be impossible to coordinate and host showings and open houses in between your daily life and work schedule, but we will show up at any hour to make it happen!

We have the Inside Scoop!

We have access even before the listing hits the MLS! Our strong relationship within the real estate market allows us to quickly access information and understand the buying or selling conditions, while offering you the best advice. If you are selling, we will network with our contacts, whether they are previous clients, referrals, family or friends, to help sell your home faster and at a reasonable price.

We Specialize in Renovations!

Whether it is a large or small renovation, we will gurantee you that it will increase the value of your home substantially! We will work with you to discuss the top upgrades that are definitely worth the money and the must-have features for today’s home buyers. We can also hire additional professional services, such as, staging companies, handyman, or tradesman to help sell your home! 

Our Marketing & Sales Strategies that work!

We know how to sell your home. We have the best marketing tools to maximize exposure to your home, in return selling your home faster!

We Provide the Best Customer Service!

We are always there for our clients! We ensure that our team will be there in a timely manner, providing you with the most updated information and giving you the most accurate timeframes whenever possible! 

We will help Guide YOU!

We have a solid understanding of what needs to be completed to avoid any costly mistakes and to help prevent any confusion or frustration on both ends. Whether you are starting the process of buying a property or closing a deal, our team will be there to help guide you through the whole process, start to finish.

Contact us today and let us get to work for you right away! 



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